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To create a Customised Clipping Name Stencil for your horse or pony follow these simple steps

1. In the text box below type in the desired name you want on the stencil, (no more than 20 letters spread across two separate words)

2. If you want you can add a simple shape to the design, either a Heart, Star, Shamrock, Lightning or Flower. To add one of these to your design simply put the name of the desired shape in brackets next to your inputted name. Eg. Bertie (Star)

3. Scroll back up to the top and select what size you want the stencil to be. Small is for Ponies under 13hh, Large is for Ponies and Horses larger than 13hh

4. Put in your desired quantity

5. Add to cart and away we go

Note: The "Bertie" design above is an example of a Customised Clipping Name Stencil. All finished products will be made to order.

Clipping Stencil Information

These all new and greatly improved clipping stencils are made from a heavyweight sticky vinyl which stays in place whilst you shave the design onto your horse - required coat length to be a minimum of 12mm (1/2") to stay in place.

This stencil is designed for you to neatly shave the area around the desired shape. This means you can shave the design in an area you otherwise want to leave long like on the rump in a blanket clip. Because you don't actually shave the design shape itself short, you can use this same stencil to achieve the desired result on a fully clipped horse.

The stencils are very easy to apply and are best used in conjunction with a smaller set of trimmers. Once you have finished clipping the design, they can be cleaned and stored for reuse on the next clip.

Full instructions are supplied in with the stencil when posted out.

Due to the time involved in making these custom stencils, they are made on a first come, first serve basis, and as such will take more time to post out - order early to avoid delay.

Any designs ordered which do not meet these requirements will not be processed if not agreed first.

If you do have special request outside this, use the contact button at the top of the page and we will see if it is possible.

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