About us

Stencilbum was started in 2005 after a request from a racehorse trainer to make a customised brushing stencil for when his horses were running. He was using an old cereal packet and wanted something more durable, so I had a look around and realised that whilst there have been simple chequerboard quartermarkers around for years, no one was offering such a service. I produced a replacement for him and then invested in time and equipment to experiment with this idea.

A friend knew I was working with this idea and as clipping season was upon us, she asked if I could produce a stencil to shave a design instead of brushing it. The original materials I worked with were simple plastic sheet and whilst it sort of worked, it kept slipping and needed the horse to stand like a statue, and another person to hold it in place whilst the design was being shaved. 


After a bit of head scratching and a 'Eureka' moment, I realised that a sticky stencil would make life so much easier and would stay in place even if the horse danced around.

I adapted design methods I used as an engineer and the Stencilbum clipping stencil was born. With this new system, Stencilbum has empowered thousands of Horse owners to add some real flair to their efforts when clipping time comes around, and we have managed to create clipping stencils that are fun, flexible and create that 'different look' for you and your horse. These clipping stencils have evolved over the years with trial and error to learn what works and what doesn't, and new developements in materials have allowed me to now offer reuseable clipping stencils which deliver top value for money

Spurred on by the success of the clipping stencils, we returned to the original idea of reuseable brushing stencils, expanded the range, and started experimenting with them using temporary hair colour for bold effect. We realised that this enables quick but temporary application of a brand which sponges off at the end of the day.

Please feel free to browse our website for more information and available purchases. We have many designs in our archive so feel free to ask if there is something in particular you are after.

We hope you enjoy your visit!